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Tile Cleaning

Most property owners know that basic upkeep of a building requires wooden floor cleaning and rug cleaning, but tile cleaning is an important aspect of basic upkeep, too. At Mighty Clean, we’re bringing new meaning to tile cleaning & polishing in Dundee through advanced methods.

Scrubbing Every Nook and Cranny
A big part of professional tile cleaning from Mighty Clean includes more than simply tile cleaning and polishing—although that’s a big, important part of what we do. But on top of that, our deep grout cleaning is designed to bring back the brilliance of your tiles. After all, tiles are accentuated and completed by the choice in grout that connects them.
Lots of Services for Lots of Clients
As a tile cleaning, polishing and deep grout cleaning contractor, Mighty Clean has the technology to offer cleaning of other sensitive, beautiful surfaces like ceramic, porcelain, and even marble countertops and floors. Give Mighty Clean a call to learn how our cleaning can vastly improve the look of your home.